Meet the Team

Mimi Ricamunda: The Heart and Soul Behind Tiendecity

Hi! I’m Mimi Ricamunda, the founder and leader of Tiendecity, with a blend of creativity, community spirit, and a dash of entrepreneurial flair, currently calling the beautiful city of Auckland my home.


Creativity at Heart: My world revolves around colors and innovations. Whether it's brainstorming a new community project, dabbling in graphic design, or organizing local events, creativity is my constant companion. I believe that a splash of creativity can turn the mundane into the extraordinary!


Community: The Foundation of Tiendecity


My ethos centers around community – it's the heartbeat of Tiendecity. My experiences with the Pinoy NZ Bazaar Caravan (PBC) have ingrained in me the power of unity and diversity. I've witnessed how shared passions can bridge gaps and the power of  bringing people from all walks of life together to celebrate, collaborate, and create.


A Business Mind with a Human Heart


With a rich background in human resource management (both in office and remote work environment), I bring to Tiendecity a strategic mindset and a deep commitment to nurturing a positive, human-centered work culture. My focus is on driving innovation in HR solutions, aligning practices with organizational goals, and ensuring a dynamic yet compliant workplace. 


Embracing Each New Day


Every day is a fresh page, a new opportunity to learn, collaborate, and grow. At Tiendecity, we're not just building a marketplace; we're crafting a movement, one that champions sustainability, diversity, and community.


Join me on this exciting journey. Let's connect, share ideas, and together, let's create something truly amazing!

Sam Gaviola: A Multifaceted Leader with a Heart for Community


Hi there! I'm Sam Gaviola, proud to be part of Tiendecity. I bring a diverse experience and passion to the table, blending business acumen, learning IT and new technologies with a love for community and innovation.


Directorship at Phil Nz Labour Hire and

Construction Industry Expertise:


As the Director of Phil Nz Labour Hire, I bring over five years of invaluable experience in the construction industry to the forefront. Leading Phil Nz Labour Hire, I have been instrumental in providing skilled labor solutions tailored to the unique demands of construction projects. My tenure in the construction sector has equipped me with a deep understanding of project management, workforce dynamics, and industry regulations. Through Phil Nz Labour Hire, I have facilitated seamless staffing solutions, ensuring that projects are executed efficiently and to the highest standards. My hands-on experience in construction has honed my ability to navigate complex challenges and deliver results in a dynamic and demanding environment.


My Journey with the Photo Booth Organization of the Philippines 


Since 2013, I've served on the Board of Directors for the Photo Booth Organization of the Philippines. Here, I've had the incredible opportunity to mentor new entrepreneurs, guiding them to grow and flourish in the business. It's been a rewarding experience to see these new talents thrive and make their mark.


Entrepreneurial Spirit: Photography, Photo Booths, and Marketing 


My entrepreneurial journey in photography and photo booth operations has been a thrilling ride. It sharpened my skills in communication, coordination, adaptability, and, most importantly, problem-solving. I've had the pleasure of working with various corporate clients, tailoring experiences that leave a lasting impression. These interactions have not only honed my business skills but have also deepened my understanding of diverse client needs.


Exploring the World of Crypto: Co-Author and Project Manager 


In 2021, I dived into the fascinating world of cryptocurrency, co-authoring a book on Crypto Currency Trading. Managing this project from start to finish was a challenging yet exhilarating experience, and seeing it come to life was a milestone I cherish deeply.


Volunteer Work in Ecclesiastical Leadership 


One of the roles closest to my heart is my volunteer work in various ecclesiastical leadership positions. Leading groups of over 100 individuals, including both locals and foreigners, has taught me invaluable lessons in leadership, empathy, and cultural sensitivity.

Rhia Galang: Crafting Digital Narratives with a Creative Flair

Hey there! I’m Rhia Galang, the mind behind the buzzing social media presence of Tiendecity. As a Communication Arts graduate, I’ve woven my passion for storytelling into the digital tapestry of marketing and social media.


Journey Through the Marketing World


I embarked on my marketing voyage right after graduation, diving headfirst into the dynamic world of social media. At 23, my journey has already been a mosaic of diverse experiences in the marketing realm. I’ve honed my skills in social media management, content creation, copywriting, and short video reel editing. Crafting engaging graphics on Canva, reaching out to influencers, and spearheading campaigns for branding and product launches are all in a day’s work for me.


At the Helm of Tiendecity’s Social Media


At Tiendecity, my goal is to create a digital space that’s not just informative but also engaging and relatable. It’s about building a community, not just a customer base. Every tweet, post, or story is a piece of the larger narrative that Tiendecity is all about – innovation, diversity, and community.


Let’s Connect!


Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a curious visitor, or a fellow marketer, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s share ideas, stories, and maybe create some social media magic together!