Sambal NZ Catering: A Spicy Symphony of Malaysian Flavors

Selamat datang! I am Zaida Ahmad McLeod, the proud owner of Sambal NZ Catering, where we bring the vibrant and spicy essence of Malaysian cuisine to the heart of New Zealand. Our name, Sambal, is a homage to the Malaysian cooked sauce that transforms every dish into a flavorful masterpiece.


Slow-Cooked Passion for Spicy Essentials


Sambal is more than just a name—it's a culinary journey inspired by the rich Malaysian tradition of slow-cooked chili paste, a spicy essential for countless dishes and the iconic Nasi Lemak. Our commitment is to infuse every meal with the authentic taste of Malaysia, creating an explosion of flavors that dance on your palate.


A Legacy of Culinary Mastery


I hail from a family deeply rooted in the art of cooking. My late grandmother, a culinary matriarch in the 1970s, started and owned the largest home-cooked business in the village, very famous for making and selling wholesale authentic Malaysian sweet desserts and a variety of kuih muih. I inherited and admired her culinary skills, especially during school breaks when I assisted in preparing traditional Malaysian desserts. My mother and her siblings also contributed to the family's gastronomic legacy, with my aunt, Aunt Liza, standing as a Malaysian celebrity chef.


A Decade of Sambal NZ Catering


Ten years ago, I embarked on the journey of Sambal NZ Catering, driven by my love for organizing parties and cooking Malaysian cuisines. Encouraged by friends and family, I decided to turn my passion into a home-cooked catering business. The turning point came during the COVID-19 pandemic when Malaysians' restaurants closed due to quarantine regulations, and people yearned for the taste of Malaysian cuisines.


From Home to Heartfelt Support


Taking a leap, I started with a Facebook post, garnering immense support from followers and friends. Operating from home, I embraced contactless pickups and actively participated in festive events and the Auckland Night Market. The overwhelming response catapulted Sambal NZ Catering into the spotlight. Today, I proudly hold the certification as a home-cook based business, a testament to the spicy success of our culinary venture.


A Fiery Future of Flavorful Delights


As we continue this culinary adventure, our goal remains to spice up the taste buds of New Zealanders with the authentic flavors of Malaysia. Sambal NZ Catering is not just about food; it's a celebration of tradition, family, and the joy that comes from sharing delicious meals. Join us as we embark on this spicy symphony of Malaysian flavors, creating memorable experiences, one spicy bite at a time.


Terima kasih for being part of our sweet and spicy journey!