PinayNZ BakerMom

Welcome to PinayNZ Bakermom - where the love for freshly baked cakes meets the Filipino flavor, with a special touch of our famous ube cakes!


Made-to-order Cakes


At PinayNZ Bakermon, we specialize in made-to-order cakes, ensuring that each creation is a delightful experience of freshness. Our claim to fame? The delectable ube cakes, a Philippine favorite delicacy. What sets us apart is not just the affordability of our treats, but the undeniable quality that keeps our customers coming back for more.


What Inspired Me to Start This Business?


It all started with family – as the eldest among seven siblings and a mother to four, I realized the importance of supporting my husband in providing for our children's everyday needs. Hearing my customers say that my products are not only more affordable but also of better quality than others fueled my passion to create something special. I wanted to offer delicious cakes that would not only bring joy to my own family but to others as well.


Evolution of My Entrepreneurial Vision 


My dreams are high, especially for my children and parents. Despite moments of exhaustion, I never gave up. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't stop until I achieve my dream of providing a good life for my kids and, most importantly, for my mom back in the Philippines. 


My journey began in the Philippines, where, as the eldest among my siblings and a mother of four, I decided to learn baking to save on costs. It wasn't just about making cakes; it was about making a living and helping my husband. The breakthrough came when someone trusted and ordered from me. From then on, I didn't just make cakes for my family; I started earning, and simultaneously, I helped my husband. When we moved to NZ, it was challenging, starting from scratch with zero ingredients and baking needs. There were moments of tears, but my determination didn’t waver. I cried, especially when I couldn't find all the ingredients I needed. Today, my customers are not just fellow Filipinos; there are others from different backgrounds who appreciate my specialty – ube cakes. The business grew from just baking to include customized cakes, and it became a significant source of support for my husband and a means of giving back to my family in the Philippines.

This journey, which began as Quinn Sweetntreats in the Philippines, continues as PinayNZ Baker in New Zealand. It's not just about business growth; it's about creating connections, sharing smiles, and giving hope. Every cake is more than a sweet treat; it's a piece of my dedication to fulfilling the needs of my children and, in some small way, contributing to my family in the Philippines.


Try PinayNZ Bakermon, where every cake tells a story of love, dreams, and the sweet taste of success!