Oil by Jigs: Nurturing Nature's Beauty

Kia ora! I'm Jigna Vora, the heart and soul behind Oil by Jigs, a brand dedicated to the complete nourishment of your hair and skin. Born out of my passion for pure and natural beauty solutions, my formulations are a testament to more than 25 years of expertise in the beauty industry.


Nature's Elixir for Skin and Hair


Oil by Jigs is not just a product; it's a commitment to wholesome care. Crafted with expertise and love, my formulations offer complete nourishment to your hair and skin. The blend of 13 natural ingredients in my hair oil and 10 in the skin oil, all cold-pressed and organic, works in harmony to repair, regenerate, and renew cells. No nasty chemicals, no preservatives—just pure, natural goodness made right here in New Zealand.


From Clinical Cosmetology to Community Care


My journey began with a postgraduate diploma in clinical cosmetology, navigating the intricate world of beauty. In 2018, I moved to New Zealand and slowly integrated into my community. Conversations with friends revealed common concerns—severe hair fall and sun-damaged skin. Motivated by a desire to help, I delved into research, creating samples to address these concerns naturally.


A Journey of Trials, Triumphs, and Transformations


The journey was not without challenges, but the feedback from those who tried my products was a source of inspiration. Every trial and error refined my formulations, making them more effective. The hair oil, with its 13 carefully chosen ingredients, and skin oil, with its 10 botanical wonders, became a beacon of natural beauty in people's lives.


Quality Over Quantity: The Heart of My Business


While sales were never my sole focus, the appreciation and trust of my clients became the driving force. As a startup, I embraced the challenge by providing free products, building a clientele rooted in positive reviews and repeat customers. The turning point came when my aunt undergoing chemotherapy found solace in my hair and skin oils. Her testimony fueled my belief in the goodness I had created.


Empowering Self-Care, One Drop at a Time


Oil by Jigs is not just a business; it's a mission to make self-care routines luxurious and natural. The decision to grow this venture, driven by the desire to impact lives positively, has not been without financial challenges. Yet, the belief in my products and the support of a growing community keep me steadfast on this journey.


A Heartfelt Thank You


Thank you for being part of the Oil by Jigs family. Together, we are nurturing nature's beauty, one drop at a time.