Heart Goodness

Kia Ora! We are Irone and May, with our lovely daughter, Mags. Join us as we excitedly embark on a new adventure with Heart Goodness in our new life here in Aotearoa. The birth of Heart Goodness is our way of giving back to the new home that welcomed us wholeheartedly, and hopefully, we will be a company known to spread and inspire goodness.


Why Human Nature


Heart Goodness started as an idea when we were preparing to migrate to New Zealand. While still in the Philippines, we were researching all-natural hair products available in the New Zealand market that our daughter could use. You see, she is blessed with naturally curly hair, requiring special care and attention to maintain its beauty and bounty looks. The hair products she needs should be free from any chemicals and thus should be all-natural. She has been using Human Nature’s all-natural Moisturising Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Serum for a while. As we browsed through the alternatives here in New Zealand, we realised nothing beats the affordability and versatility of Human Nature. As such, our minds were set - we decided to bring the brand here to New Zealand, not just for our daughter, but for all New Zealanders.


Heart Goodness is not JUST Human Nature


Heart Goodness takes inspiration from the humble beginnings of Human Nature; however, Heart Goodness is more than just Human Nature. This 2024, we plan to expand our product portfolio, featuring brands with similar advocacies to our vision - to bring PRODUCTS that are good for both the PEOPLE whose minds and hands made it and to the PLANET to which we belong. We would like to expand our reach by including other brands known for their environmentally-sound practices and processes; we are looking for other brands, both from the Philippines, other countries and locally in New Zealand, which we can retail under our name. We want to be recognised as a company that shares and inspires goodness.


Moving Forward this 2024


Heart Goodness Limited is still in its baby phase, starting in August 2023. As with any challenge of any start-up business, we are at a phase where we are still gaining traction and waiting for that break to get more users of our products. Eventually, we also want Heart Goodness to be a conduit of hope and inspiration and be able to support institutions that are after the good of the people and the planet as well. Social involvement and sustainability are the core of what we are. Without these, there is no Heart Goodness.


Despite its few months of existence, Heart Goodness has already done several markets and events, gaining wisdom and experience. Nonetheless, we know there is still a long, winding journey for us, and we have yet to understand the highs and lows of this endeavour. Still, it will be worth it not just for us but for everyone who wants to join us in sharing what goodness is, as your support goes a long way not just for us but for the people who are in need and, most importantly, to have a better, healthier and happier planet for us to live in.