Matatás Bookshop: Cultivating Multilingual Villages

Welcome to Matatás Bookshop, where we believe in the power of language to connect, inspire, and empower. Our online bookshop specializes in bilingual Filipino children's books, offering a diverse range of stories and resources designed to nurture language learning and cultural appreciation.


Celebrating Diversity


Matatás, meaning fluent in Tagalog, symbolizes our commitment to promoting linguistic diversity within Filipino communities in Aotearoa New Zealand. From captivating storybooks to engaging activity kits, our collection caters to children ages 0 to 9+ and adults alike, featuring content in the 12 major languages of the Philippines.


A Vision Ignited


The spark for Matatás Bookshop was ignited by a deeply personal journey. As a mother, I was inspired by my own experiences and the desire to create a vibrant, engaging space for my son to connect with his cultural heritage and language. Recognizing the importance of community support, I embarked on this entrepreneurial venture with a mission to empower families, caregivers, and educators to embrace multilingualism.


Evolution of Vision


Since our inception, Matatás Bookshop has evolved alongside the growing demand for bilingual resources in Aotearoa New Zealand. Key milestones, such as expanding our product range and establishing partnerships with schools, have shaped our entrepreneurial vision and fueled our commitment to promoting language diversity.


Navigating Challenges


The journey of entrepreneurship is not without its challenges. Balancing the demands of a full-time job, parenthood, and a new business venture has been a formidable juggling act. Yet, amidst the highs and lows, the unwavering support of our community and the tangible impact of our work continue to inspire us to persevere.


Inspiration in Action


As orders pour in and our customer base grows, the need for accessible bilingual resources becomes increasingly evident. With each delivery made to schools and households across Aotearoa New Zealand, we are reminded of the transformative power of language and the importance of fostering multilingual communities.


At Matatás Bookshop, we are more than just purveyors of books; we are champions of culture, language, and community. As we journey forward, we invite you to join us in building multilingual villages where every child, caregiver, and educator has the tools they need to thrive. Together, let's celebrate the richness of Filipino heritage and empower future generations to embrace the beauty of linguistic diversity. Maraming salamat at mabuhay!