Mang Joe's Chicken Inasal: A Culinary Journey from Bacoor to Auckland!

Hi fellow food enthusiasts! I am Mang Joe, the proud owner of Mang Joe's Chicken Inasal, an embodiment of my passion for bringing the authentic taste of Pinoy Chicken BBQ to the heart of New Zealand. Allow me to share with you the flavorful story that fuels the sizzle at Mang Joe's!


Bringing the Streets of Bacoor to Auckland


Mang Joe's Chicken Inasal traces its roots to the vibrant streets of Bacoor, Philippines, where my wife Lyn and I embarked on a small chicken inasal venture. Picture a tricycle mobile grill set up, navigating the charming side streets of Bacoor back in 2006. What started as a humble tricycle grill evolved into a thriving food stall, or "carinderia," dishing out not just Chicken Inasal but a delightful array of Filipino favorites.


After establishing a couple of businesses in the Philippines, we made a life-altering decision to settle in New Zealand in 2016. The entrepreneurial spirit and the art of turning passion into business continued to pulse within me, fueling the dream to recreate the essence of Filipino street food in the heart of Aotearoa.


From Online Venture to Marcuelo Food Corp. Ltd.


Fast forward to 2020 – I decided to share the joy of Chicken Inasal right from my home, occasionally selling online or during weekends, armed with nothing but a portable charcoal drum grill. As the years passed and the world grappled with a pandemic, the burning desire to pursue my passion grew stronger.


In December 2022, Marcuelo Food Corp. Ltd. was born, proudly carrying the trade name Mang Joe's Chicken Inasal. The concept was clear – to take the authentic taste of Pinoy Chicken BBQ to the streets of New Zealand using a mobile grill set up or through a gazebo Pop-Up. It was a journey filled with challenges, but with a dedicated heart and a clear vision, I was determined to make Mang Joe's a culinary destination.


Fueling the Flame: A Mission and Vision for Goodness


Mang Joe's Chicken Inasal is more than just a food business; its mission is to satisfy every hunger and craving, ensuring that every bite resonates with the authentic flavors of the Philippines. Our vision goes beyond serving delicious food – we aim to establish Mang Joe's as a well-recognized Small Business Platform in the New Zealand food industry.

With each sizzle, we are not just cooking Chicken Inasal; we are creating opportunities, ventures, and developments that contribute to the growth of Mang Joe's as a company. The flame that keeps us going is the unwavering commitment to becoming an ideal platform for small businesses, opening doors for new opportunities and partnerships.


Join the Journey and Savor the Authenticity


At Mang Joe's Chicken Inasal, we invite you to join us on this savory expedition. Follow our Facebook page to stay updated on our whereabouts and upcoming pop-ups: Mang Joe's Facebook Page


As we flip the skewers and infuse the air with the tantalizing aroma of Chicken Inasal, we promise to bring you the real Taste of Authentic Pinoy Chicken BBQ – a taste that transcends borders and brings every Filipino in New Zealand closer back home.