Igorot Dap-ay NZ: Weaving Culture, Handicrafts, and Connection in Aotearoa

Kia Ora! I am Myriam Benito, the proud founder of Igorot Dap-ay NZ, where we bring the heart and soul of the Cordillera region of the Philippines to the diverse tapestry of New Zealand. Join us on a journey of cultural enrichment through our handicrafts, stories, pre-loved wares, and the warmth of Dap-ay services– a meeting place for the next generation to learn the Igorot/Cordillera culture.


What is Igorot Dap-ay NZ?


At Igorot Dap-ay NZ, we offer a unique blend of handicrafts, plants, and pre-loved wares that reflect the rich cultural heritage of the Igorot people. Our products are more than just items; they are threads that weave the stories of our ancestors into the vibrant fabric of our adopted home, New Zealand.


Dap-ay: A Cultural Gathering Place


The name "Dap-ay" holds a special meaning in Igorot culture – a gathering place, a space for community connection and celebration. In the context of Igorot Dap-ay NZ, it goes beyond services. It will also provide a staycation service to our fellow Igorots coming from overseas. Our home will serve as a Dap-ay in NZ, mirroring the Igorot concept of a communal space where people come together, connect, and create memories.


Our Unique Selling Point: A Cultural Odyssey in Every Handicraft


What sets Igorot Dap-ay NZ apart is not just the quality of our handicrafts but the very essence of our Igorot migration story in New Zealand. As bearers of the Igorot culture, our products and Dap-ay services are a testament to the deep roots and traditions of our people in the Cordillera region. Through Igorot Dap-ay NZ, we aim to bridge the gap between our cultural heritage and the communities of Aotearoa.


Sustaining Culture, One Handicraft and Dap-ay Service at a Time


My journey with Igorot Dap-ay NZ is deeply rooted in the life, values, and legacy of my Igorot ancestors. The handicrafts and Dap-ay services we bring to Aotearoa are not just products and services; they are vessels of tradition and heritage. This venture is more than a business; it's a commitment to preserving and sharing the Igorot culture for the next generation while creating a welcoming Dap-ay for all.


Evolution of Entrepreneurial Vision: A Chapter of Retirement


A significant milestone in the evolution of my entrepreneurial vision was my retirement from a full-time job spanning 25 years. This marked a new chapter where I could dedicate more time and energy to Igorot Dap-ay NZ, focusing on weaving a cultural narrative through every product and service we offer.


Join us at Igorot Dap-ay NZ, where every handicraft and Dap-ay service is a testament to the resilience, creativity, and spirit of the Igorot people. Together, let's weave a tapestry of cultural enrichment, connection, and warmth in the heart of Aotearoa.