Eating Pinoy: Bringing Filipino Flavors to Kiwi Tables

In the vibrant landscape of New Zealand's culinary scene, Eating Pinoy stands out as a beacon of authentic Filipino flavors, bringing the tastes of home closer to the hearts and homes of Filipinos and food enthusiasts alike. Here's the journey behind Eating Pinoy.


Serving Authentic Filipino Recipes


At Eating Pinoy, we are dedicated to providing authentic Filipino recipes using high-quality ingredients available in New Zealand. From classic staples like kakanin, native chorizo, and lechon to beloved favorites such as adobo, BBQ, and chicken inasal, our mission is to fulfill the ultimate food cravings of busy individuals who long for the taste of home.


Inspiration Behind the Business


The inspiration behind Eating Pinoy stems from a deep-seated love for Filipino cuisine and a desire to fill the gap in the market for truly authentic flavors. As a certified foodie, the journey began with a simple craving for siomai that sparked the development of unique recipes. The overwhelming response from friends and the community fueled the decision to establish Eating Pinoy, driven by a genuine passion for food and a commitment to delivering satisfying culinary experiences.


Evolution of Entrepreneurial Vision


Over time, the entrepreneurial vision behind Eating Pinoy has evolved to encompass not only a passion for food but also a dedication to creating joyful and satisfying dining experiences. Despite facing challenges, including the overwhelming demand during the holiday season, the unwavering support and encouragement from loyal customers served as a source of motivation to persevere. The journey of Eating Pinoy is a testament to the resilience and determination to share the flavors of Filipino cuisine with the world.


Reflections on Challenges and Triumphs


In the face of challenges, including exhaustion and moments of doubt, the unwavering support of loyal customers and the desire to fulfill a dream served as guiding lights. The overwhelming positive feedback and anticipation from customers during a hiatus reaffirmed the importance of pressing forward. Through highs and lows, the journey of Eating Pinoy is a testament to the power of self-belief, hard work, and unwavering dedication.


Moving Forward with Purpose


As Eating Pinoy continues to thrive, the dream extends beyond serving delicious food to creating opportunities for others. The vision includes sharing success by hiring individuals in need and serving as an inspiration to others through the joy of cooking. With self-belief and dedication as guiding principles, Eating Pinoy aims to make a lasting impact on the culinary landscape while bringing joy to every table it touches.