Past Events' Highlights

A Celebration of Diversity and Cultures

Welcome to Tiendecity! A marketplace where the world's flavors, colors, and creativity come together. We're a vibrant gathering spot for dreamers, makers, and shoppers from multicultural groups in New Zealand.


Picture an eclectic, buzzing market where the vibrant colors of Asia meet the bold flavors of the Pacific, the artisanal charm of Europe, and the spirited rhythms of Africa and Latin America. At Tiendecity, we believe that every entrepreneur, no matter where they're from, has a unique story to tell and an extraordinary product to share. So, whether you're a local artisan longing to showcase your latest creation or a curious shopper hunting for something special, Tiendecity is the place to be. 


From quirky crafts to mouth-watering eats, our themed bazaars are treasure troves of the unique and the unforgettable. Join us in this colorful, exciting journey where every visit is an adventure, every purchase makes a difference, and every face in the crowd could be a friend.


But here's the best part – we're all about doing good while having fun. Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for us; it's a way of life. We're on a mission to make shopping and selling not only enjoyable but also eco-friendly and community-oriented.


We're more than just a market; we're a celebration of all the diverse cultures that make New Zealand such an amazing place to live. Every visit to Tiendecity supports our local talents, and every purchase helps us keep our commitment to sustainable, community-driven growth.


Let's celebrate diversity, let's shop sustainably, let's make every visit at Tiendecity an experience to remember. 


Watch out for the 2024 Tiendecity Bazaar Schedule and their corresponding locations and see you there!

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